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Importance of Hajj

Hajj is a must for every well-off Muslim around the globe. In Islam it is called ‘Farz’, the meaning is ‘must be done’. For every Muslim, hajj is ‘Farz’ for once in a life-time if they have the ability to bear the expenses of doing so. It is the largest gathering of Muslims around the world. If anyone wants to perform hajj, he or she will be benefited in both earth and in heaven according to Almighty Allah. Hajj will bring a lot of positive impact on a person’s life.

Hajj consists of 5 to 6 days of thorough activities at Makka, Madina, and Mina. Mostly the pilgrims have to spend time at Makka where they perform the most significant activity that is called ‘Tawaaf’. For Kurbani, they have to go to Mina. And for ‘Raoza’, they have to go to Madina.  

Hajj develops a sense of unity among Muslims. When people gather at Makka, Saudi Arabia during hajj pilgrimage, they have to stay together, roam together and eat together. In addition, they have to pray together at the mosques and other holy places. The outcome of all these activities is very significant because after returning to their home, people will be able to have more durable bonding and will work together united in their hard times.

The most peaceful and largest religious congregation in the world is Hajj. It is also the most systematic way of making the best prayer in the whole world. No other religion has offered this kind of large peaceful gathering never before. Pilgrims who perform hajj are very much focused on their prayers and so they have no other thing to do except prayers and relevant religious activities.    

Hajj is a calm and soothing religious activity that is being performed from time to time by the dedicated and devoted Muslims around the world. No one can give you a larger but calm religious gathering of people like this. This is the ultimate way to get the most sacred experience for mankind.

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  • Banani, Dhaka

Many thanks to Noor Hajj for providing me with the most amazing best-ever Umrah Hajj. The whole experience has been simply outstanding from booking, travel, accommodation, transfers, the knowledgeable Sheikh from Madinah, and above all visiting the Rowdha, the Kaabah, and other Ziyarahs. I have recommended Noor Hajj to all of my friends and family and if anyone else is searching for great packages definitely contact Noor Hajj.

  • Banani, Dhaka

The Noor Hajj was a fantastic help to me and my family in completing Umrah Hajj. Their team member was a very resourceful and useful guide in my Umrah Hajj. They helped me every step of the way. Their services were outstanding and incredibly welcoming. I will definitely consider joining Noor Hajj again in the future when I come for Hajj or Umrah Insha Allah.

  • Banani, Dhaka

First of all thanks to almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, managed to complete our Umrah Hajj. The organization of the Noor Hajj trip was fantastic. Noor Hajj was true to their word and everything was as they explained from commencing the journey to the return flight. I recommend Noor Hajj for all of you if you are looking for Hajj & Umrah packages from Bangladesh.

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