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Do you want to perform Hajj in the most comfortable and convenient way from Bangladesh? If so, you've come to the right place. Noor Hajj Travels & Tours offers the most dependable selection of economical hajj packages in Bangladesh. Our arrangements will take you on a virtuous tour from Bangladesh to Masjid e Haram and Masjid e Nabvi, where you will be able to experience life's finest moments.

Our varied selection of hajj packages enables our valued clients to choose the plan that perfectly suits their demands, budget, and schedule. We divided the hajj packages into three categories depending on pilgrim perspectives and preferences. For more details please talk with our professionals.

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Price of Hajj Packages From Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our popular Hajj packages from Dhaka, Bangladesh is as below-

Regular Hajj Package
  • 3-star Quality Hotel Beside Al Haram at 500-600 Meters Distance.
  • 3-star Hotel Beside Masjid al Nabawi at 200-300 Meters Distance.
  • Every Room Contains 4 beds, Separate Rooms For Woman
  • Package Includes Meals With Breakfast.
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Bangladeshi Guide & Service Holder.
  • Package Validity is 35-40 Days.

Begins from BDT : 780,000.00

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Standard Hajj Packages
  • Hajj Visa.
  • Return Air Ticket.
  • Standard Air-conditioned Hotel beside Makkah at 800-1000 Meters distance.
  • Standard Air-conditioned Hotel Nearby Masjid al Nabawi in Madinah at 300-400 Meters distance.
  • Airport - hotel return transport service.
  • Package Includes Meals With Breakfast.
  • Package Validity is 35-40 Days.

Begins from BDT : 670,000.00

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Reasons For Choosing Noor Hajj As Your Travel Agency

Reasons For Choosing Noor Hajj

As an approved, award-winning, and professional travel service, Noor Hajj Travels & Tours offers a comprehensive choice of economical Hajj packages 2023 from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Client satisfaction is our first and foremost concern, thus all of our hajj packages are made to fit the price and schedule that our clients can easily handle.

Whether you are seeking low-cost Hajj Packages or luxurious amenities, we have designed each of these packages to appeal to a diverse variety of individuals from various backgrounds and economic levels.

Return travel, complete road transport service, housing in Mecca, Medina, and Mina, meal arrangements, and a Ziyarat trip in Medina are all included in the Hajj Packages.

We make every possible effort to provide hassle-free services throughout the hajj process so that every one of our clients may fully participate in this spiritual devotion and remember their journey as a path to holiness.

Persons are taking Service from Noor Hajj

Why Choose Noor Hajj?

  • Cost-effectiveness combined with the best services.
  • Available packages with varying budgets.
  • Recognition from both the Governments of Bangladesh and KSA.
  • Long experience serving thousands of pilgrims.
  • Full packages with all essential hajj-related services.
  • Having completed Hajj under the supervision of an experienced trainer and guide.
Period of Performing Hajj from Bangladesh

Period of Performing Hajj from Bangladesh

Hajj is performed every year between the 8th and 12th of Dhul Hijjah. However, the equivalent dates vary from year to year since the lunar calendar seems to advance 11-12 days. As you’re traveling from Bangladesh, you are likely to fly to Saudi Arabia, touching down in Jeddah or Medina one or two days earlier before starting the Hajj performance.

Affordable Hajj Packages by Noor Hajj

The functions of Hajj are performed in several steps in different places. It takes a few days. For this, you may require the greatest services to make it easy and comfortable, yes! we are here to help.

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A: As per the latest update of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Residents under the age of 18 who have not received a double dosage of vaccination, as well as all overseas tourists under the age of 18, are not authorized to participate in the pilgrimage
A: A three- to five-day pilgrimage that includes many rites honoring the Islamic prophet Muhammad (S) as well as events related to the prophet Ibrahim (A.S)
A: Pilgrims are not permitted to remain in Saudi Arabia after completing Hajj.
A: Women of all ages can now register for Hajj without a male guardian as of June 2021, as long as they travel in a group with other women.
Read What Our Customers Say
  • Banani, Dhaka

Many thanks to Noor Hajj for providing me with the most amazing best-ever Umrah Hajj. The whole experience has been simply outstanding from booking, travel, accommodation, transfers, the knowledgeable Sheikh from Madinah, and above all visiting the Rowdha, the Kaabah, and other Ziyarahs. I have recommended Noor Hajj to all of my friends and family and if anyone else is searching for great packages definitely contact Noor Hajj.

  • Banani, Dhaka

The Noor Hajj was a fantastic help to me and my family in completing Umrah Hajj. Their team member was a very resourceful and useful guide in my Umrah Hajj. They helped me every step of the way. Their services were outstanding and incredibly welcoming. I will definitely consider joining Noor Hajj again in the future when I come for Hajj or Umrah Insha Allah.

  • Banani, Dhaka

First of all thanks to almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, managed to complete our Umrah Hajj. The organization of the Noor Hajj trip was fantastic. Noor Hajj was true to their word and everything was as they explained from commencing the journey to the return flight. I recommend Noor Hajj for all of you if you are looking for Hajj & Umrah packages from Bangladesh.

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