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Price & Details of Hajj Packages from Bangladesh in 2023

Every year, thousands of Muslims travel from Bangladesh to perform the Hajj. Most citizens are unaware of the detailed process of the hajj pilgrimage. As a result, most pilgrims deal with problems that ultimately stand in the way of making the pilgrimage. The easiest way to avoid such a situation is to find a reliable hajj organizer.

First, you should research the prices and details of available hajj packages before selecting a hajj organizer. Since the 2023 packages have yet to be announced, you can take ideas from the 2022 packages to perform hajj in 2023.

Scroll down for a brief overview of 2023 hajj package prices and details based on 2022 hajj packages. However, some changes, such as price increases, may happen in the official hajj packages of 2023.

Projection of Hajj Package

Projection of Hajj Package 2023 from Bangladesh

Bangladesh usually announces two government packages for the Hajj pilgrimages. They also declare a third package that determines the minimum pricing and other rules and regulation of private hajj packages.

Return travel, complete road transport service, housing in Mecca, Medina, and Mina, meal arrangements, and a Ziyarat trip in Medina are mostly all included in all types of Hajj Packages. Governments and agencies develop the hajj packages considering pilgrim viewpoints and preferences.

Government Hajj packages

In 2022, 4,000 pilgrims went on a government-sponsored package trip. The government's Package-1 cost Tk 527,340, while Package-2 cost Tk 462,150.

Bangladesh had raised the price of Hajj packages arranged by the government or private agencies by Tk 59,000 in the last year. Thus, plan a hajj budget for 2023 considering the price hike in 2022 hajj packages.

Private Agencies Hajj Packages

Private Agencies Hajj Packages

Non-Government hajj organizers usually provide Premium, Regular, and Standard packages. Customization options are often available under each package. Continue reading to learn more about the package services.

Premium Packages

Premium private package prices typically range between 7,00,000 and 1700,000 BDT. These packages generally include,

  • 5-star hotel in Makkah (walking distance or no more than 400 meters from Haram Sharif)
  • 5-star hotel in Madinah (walking distance or no more than 300 meters from Masjid An-Nabawi)
  • Standard water cooling tent service in Mina-Arafat
  • Three first-rate meals per day
  • 1st class airline tickets
  • Individual bed or private room
  • AC transportation
  • Well-trained hajj guide
Regular Packages Hajj Packages

Regular Packages of Hajj from Bangladesh

Prices for regular private packages vary from 5,50,000 to 9,00,000 BDT. Packages commonly include,

  • 5/4/3 star hotel in Makkah (no more than 600 meters from Haram Sharif)
  • 4/3 star hotel Madinah (no more than 400 meters from Masjid An-Nabawi)
  • standard tent service in Mina-Arafat
  • Three savory meals per day
  • Well-trained hajj guide
  • Quality airline tickets
  • 3-5 People in a room
  • AC transportation

Standard Packages

Standard private package prices range from 456,530 to 9,00,000 BDT. Packages most often include,

  • 3-star hotel in Makkah (not more than 900 meters from Haram Sharif)
  • 3-star hotel Madinah (not more than 800 meters from Masjid An-Nabawi)
  • standard tent service in Mina-Arafat
  • Three meals per day
  • Well-trained hajj guide
  • Airline tickets
  • 4-6 People in a room
  • AC transportation
Hajj Services Providers

Aspects to Bear in Mind

  • Choose a package that combines cost-effectiveness with high-quality services.
  • Choose an organization that has been recognized by both the governments of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.
  • Make certain that your package includes all necessary hajj-related services.
  • Pick an organizer with experience.

Hajj Services Providers in Bangladesh

Hajj is a lengthy procedure. You must have the most suitable package to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Hopefully, the above analysis of hajj packages 2023 price and details will assist you in determining your hajj package plan and budget.

Choose Noor Hajj Travels & Tours if you want a fully customizable, reasonably priced package with experienced, high-quality hajj services.

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As per the latest update of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Residents under the age of 18 who have not received a double dosage of vaccination, as well as all overseas tourists under the age of 18, are not authorized to participate in the pilgrimage.
A three- to five-day pilgrimage that includes many rites honoring the Islamic prophet Muhammad (S) as well as events related to the prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
According to the Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh, each pilgrim will need to bring Tk 19,683 (410 riyals) to pay for the Qurbani or animal sacrificing ritual.
Women of all ages can now register for Hajj without a male guardian as of June 2021, as long as they travel in a group with other women.
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